From ancient history, Brahmins are distinguished to possess a high degree of knowledge and spread the same teachings to people. Jayant Pandey is a renowned astrologer coming from the Indian Brahmin Family and owner of “Brand Astrologers”, who gained popularity over a period of last three decades. Jayant Pandey is the organizer of Kaatyaayani Jyotish, My Solutions, and Astro Country. He is Vice President of All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies (AIFAS) established in 2001.





Born in 1973, in Indian Brahmin Family, Jayant Pandey grew up watching his grandfather predict people’s life. He developed a great interest in Mathematics and wanted to learn the same values as his grandfather would teach.


As a result, he developed an interest in Astrology too and started delivering it to people at the age of 12. He then started serving people with his knowledge starting from his native place, to Bhilai, eventually all around the globe.



He conducted a superlative conference in 2016 at Sahara Star Mumbai, & at Bhilai in 2010. His devotion towards astrology paid when he was awarded at many national and international places for his research in astrology.

He changed the lives of many as he traveled along Nepal, Sri Lanks, Thailand, Belgium, Switzerland, and many more countries of Asia as well as Europe, America, and UK

His predictions went so widely recognized that he entered into publishing Newspapers, Magazines, started delivering in various social events then initiated his own events, and also started some important T.V channels.



Brandastrologers is a new concept in the field of astrology and horoscope.


The idea of generating value addition in the lives of people inspired the building of Brandastrologers.


Considering an individual’s horoscope and details, we provide Kundalis, Business consultancy by providing Brand Names, Business Cards, Business Logos, Name Selections, Signature analysis, Aura Vastu, etc, for the flow of good fate, wealth, and balancing positive energy in life and work.


Jayant Pandey’s vision is to establish a well-balanced life by guiding people according to the cosmic behaviors that have a magnetic effect in every positive and negative happening in people’s life.


Jayant Pandey justified and proved this by serving more than 70,000 birth charts and astrology services around the globe, including Industrialists, FIlm Stars, etc. His new formula created a whole different view for people to look upon astrology.


Jayant Pandey married at the age of XX. He has a X member family with three children. Born and brought up in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, he moved to Mumbai to spread his work and improve the lives of people. Now he looks over his parents living in Bhilai and continues to operate from Mumbai.




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Don’t just sit back and wait for the right time to get your planets to come to the right place. First ALLOW YOUR MIND TO BELIEVE and then WATCH YOUR PLANETS’ MOVEMENTS, then ACT accordingly, all with Brandastrolgers !!!!

Astrology is not an unheard term, for many, it’s just a term relating to celestial and planetary events and their effect on a person's life. It’s actually a science of dealing with the effects of celestial events on human life. It was nearly impossible to understand everything about the celestial events by humans. So those who studied science were adopted as the mentor who would tell them about the life events and guide them. As people’s belief in astrology grew, several experts came as astrologers.

Brand Astrologer is in fact one of the best astrology brands that would guide you throughout the life processes relating to all astronomical events, zodiacal signs, and planetary movements. We have covered miles in this journey of benefiting people by our guidance. From Industrialists, filmstars, to many position-holding personalities.

Not a Believer?? You never allowed yourself to believe in the power of astrology ?? Do You DOUBT, whether it’s a good deal to invest your mind in? If you do doubt, then Brandastrologers is here to eliminate all the blockages that resist you to believe.

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 Know your personality better, from your own handwriting. Know what defines you as a unique individual, and what are your worths by taking graphology consultation.

Determining a person’s psyche from looking upon the individual’s handwriting is a science called Graphology. It is the study of determining a person's characters, his time of writing, and knowing about his traits. Primitive people started expressing themselves five thousand years back only through special characters. Pictorial representation was the only way people could connect with each other. Slowly alphabets emerged from Europe then around the world. Greeks developed the first left-to-right pattern of alphabet writing.

People often wonder how the handwriting of an individual differs. It’s because everyone has a varying personality & thought process. As this involves the concept of art & science, graphologists analyze problems through this. They peep into the personality by judging the style of writing, slants, angle of writing, the depressions made through. Some people have curvy handwriting, some have straight one, others have spilled one. All are deeply studied by graphologists.


Astrologers have varying perspectives of determining the spacing, the connectives they use, the directions, the size of letters, etc. Every inch of work signifies differently for them.

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Lucky are those whose fate works with their numbers. Know what is your lucky charm or a lucky number and how you can SYNC THEIR ENERGY WITH YOURS!!!

Numerology, as the name suggests, is the science of numbers that helps to have insight into a person's fate, life, career, etc. Ever wondered why people stick to one number for everything they do, often calling it their lucky number !!! It’s because they rely upon the science and mathematical calculation of numbers which would bring them good luck and charm in their life.


Numbers are good or bad, like a person’s good and bad qualities. This symbolizes a person's talent, soul, character, etc. Most people are too obsessed with a particular number they believe or which has been suggested by astrologers. These are not just a lucky number that comes out of an individual's favoritism, but it's actually a study of Surya, Chandra, Rahu, and all other Grahas.

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Energy Vastu:

Unleash the flow of POSITIVE ENERGY in your life. Converge all the cosmic potentials with Energy Vastu consultation.

Vastu is a Sanskrit word, which means to dwell or reside. Energy Vastu simply means, where energy resides. Energy only exists in a transferable form in the whole universe. It may be positive or negative which affects our life as it flows. Energy Vastu defines where your energy inhabits and how to imply one for the betterment of life.


The universe is a vast bag of energy and matter flowing into it. It strikes every creature in the universe and transfers energy to it. Both the negative and positive ones have equal intensity. What a brand astrologer does is to align positive energy and guide about the same.

We provide solutions to your problems and concentrate all cosmic, celestial positive energies to supercharge every aspect of life and bring your life into orbit. The Vastu of energy makes volte-face from every corner of life. 

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Want an IMPACTFUL impression of your business, in the viewer's mind !!! Get your business card consultation from Jayant Pandey.

What does your card bear? It’s information about your work, what you provide, and the owner’s information. Wouldn’t you want a vibrant one to showcase your information to the viewer? The color, the design, the graphics everything has its value which adds value to your content. Best way to create memory in mind of viewers.

Viewers must be fascinated by looking over your card. The business card is the very first impact of what you deliver, without having any verbal communication. Take best advice from us, and we will help to develop your B-Card for energizing your work.


There are few people who don’t believe in horoscopes, still, most of them have burning curiosity inside, to know what’s coming their way, whether in Life, In the workplace, in relationships, or any other aspect. Some are curious as to how to improve different aspects of life. How to deal with this curiosity? This podcast by Jayant Pandey sir will bring you some solutions for your problems and how you can make your life better to flourish and bring infinite cosmic energies to your life.



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