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Astrology Classes

Astrology classes provide individuals with the opportunity to learn the art and science of astrology. These classes cover a variety of topics including birth chart interpretation, horoscope analysis, and astrological forecasting.


Business Astrology Classes

Business Astrology Classes offer a unique opportunity to gain insights into how astrology can be used to enhance business success. Through these classes, participants learn how to leverage astrological principles to make informed decisions, identify opportunities, and overcome challenges in the business world.


Graphology Classes

Graphology is the study of handwriting and how it relates to an individual's personality and behavior. In our Graphology classes, we teach students the techniques and principles of analyzing handwriting, helping them to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and others.


Numerology Classes

Learn to calculate and interpret numbers, discover their significance in personal and business life, and use them to make informed decisions. Develop skills to provide insights and solutions for clients seeking guidance in life or business.

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Vastu Classes

By understanding the principles of Vastu, one can optimize their living and working environments for improved health, wealth, and overall well-being. These classes cover topics such as space planning, furniture arrangement, and color selection, among others.

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Vastu Master Classes

Vastu Master Classes are designed for those who want to gain an in-depth understanding of Vastu Shastra and become a certified Vastu expert. These classes cover various aspects of Vastu, including the principles of Vastu, Vastu for homes and businesses, Vastu remedies, and more.

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